Western Smash Repairs

In the unfortunate event of you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, let the team at Western Smash Repairs remove all the stress and hassle.

Western Smash Repairs management team can offer advice in all aspects of the repair process and our fully trained and qualified estimators are able to provide written detailed quotations while you wait.

Our friendly administration team are readily available to help you where needed in the arranging of the necessary paperwork involved with your insurance claim and the booking process involved with the repairing of your damaged vehicle.

At Western Smash Repairs you can contact us 24 hours, 7 days per week to initiate any of our services including;

  • Free detailed written quotations.
  • Specialist repairs of minor or large impact collision repairs to motor vehicles, light trucks, 4WD vehicles and chassis repairs.
  • Arrangement of late model customer replacement vehicles including tradesman vehicles. (conditions apply and subject to availability)
  • 24 hour, 7 days towing service.
  • Paintless Dent Repairs.
  • Minor Scratch and Touch up Repairs.
  • Full Detailing and Polishing Services.
  • Windscreen Replacement.
  • Arrangement of Window Tinting, Wheel Alignments, Tyre and Wheel Replacement of Repairs.
  • Arrangement and Lodgement Assistance with Insurance Claims.

Technology and Facilities

Quality motor vehicle accident repairs require the most modern and advanced technology and equipment from around the world combined together with the expertise and knowledge of our fully trained technicians.

Western Smash Repairs has invested heavily in the purchase and maintaining of the latest equipment and facilities to help with your vehicle’s repair process.

Some of which includes;

  • Three state of the art Swedish Caroliner chassis straightening and measuring systems
  • Two downdraft spray booths and backing ovens for the painting of vehicles and components in a dust free temperature controlled environment.
  • Separate ventilated paint mixing and preparation room.
  • Autorobot electronic measuring system
  • Digital Imaging quoting system.
  • One x FAN Inverter Water Cooled Spot Welder to reproduce original factory welds.
  • Two x FAN Water Cooled Spot Welders.
  • FAN mig brazing welding equipment.
  • Miracle Repair System Technology.
  • Paintless Dent Technology.
  • Air Conditioned Customer lounge and waiting area.
  • Separate body repair and paint refinishing divisions
  • Fully alarmed and undercover premises in which all clients vehicles are secured outside of business hours.
  • Fleet of Customer replacement vehicles.
Western Smash Repairs Western Smash Repairs Western Smash Repairs Western Smash Repairs Western Smash Repairs Western Smash Repairs
Western Smash Repairs Western Smash Repairs


Western Smash Repairs are specialists in motor vehicle fleet accident repairs. Over the past 39 years in business we have built a strong and reputable working relationship servicing a vast array of corporate and commercial vehicle fleets.

With company vehicles constantly travelling on the road the unfortunate event of a motor vehicle accident is highly likely even being no fault of your own driver. It is our job to ensure the repair process is as hassle and stress free as possible for you.

We understand the cost and inconvenience of having a fleet vehicle off the road no matter how short a time period, and therefore we are committed to offering a high priority service to all company fleets and returning vehicles back on the road in the shortest time possible, whilst not compromising the quality of our workmanship.

No matter whether your company has only 1 or 2 vehicles or is a large corporate fleet of over 100 vehicles, the team at Western Smash Repairs are readily available to assist you through the repair process.

Western Smash Repairs offers all corporate and commercial fleet clients:

  • Free Pickup and Delivery.
  • Priority and dedicated service ensuring your company vehicle is back on the road quickly.
  • Free Detailed Quotations and advice which also can be arrange at your business premises or location of your choice.
  • Free customer replacement vehicles both large and small including vans and utilities. (Subject to availability)
  • Vehicle Inspections.
  • Arrangement of fully qualified Independent Motor Vehicle Loss Assessors for self insured companies. (additional charges may apply)
  • Regular repair updates to the company fleet manager and/or driver on the progress of your vehicle by clients choice of email, telephone or sms.
  • Full Detailing and Buffing Services.
  • Hassle Free Insurance Claims Processing.
  • Written Warranty Card on Completion.
  • Arrange and design a fully customised fleet repair solution to suit your business.
  • Arrange accident glove box information packages for all your company fleet.
  • Western Smash Repairs are able to tailor a unique accident fleet repair solution specifically suited to your business no matter how big or small.
Western Smash Repairs Western Smash Repairs Western Smash Repairs


Western Smash Repairs was established in 1970 and has had a reputation for providing its customers with exceptional levels of service. This capability has been developed by understanding precisely what our client’s needs are, responding to them and exceeding these where possible.

It is our policy to ensure that every commitment made to a customer, whether verbal or written is executed from acceptance to completion in a manner that sets and maintains a level of reliability and service consistent with, or in excess of the requirements and expectations of each and every one of our clients.

The objective of the company is to be known as a leading company in the accident repair of motor vehicles and commercial and light trucks, in terms of service and reliability, and with a minimum of customer complaints in all aspects.

Implementation of this policy is the responsibility of every employee starting with the Management team who make policy decisions and provide the necessary leadership to enable the appropriate customer focused action to be enacted throughout the company.

Every employee is familiar with our quality policy and procedures, and all documents which have been implemented throughout the business and relevant to their work activities. All our employees are encouraged to make positive recommendations for improving and maintaining the Quality System.

The entire quality system has the full support from our Directors and they ensure that our activities are controlled in a manner compatible with the effective achievement of all our obligations.

Mario Gerzanics
Managing Director


We understand being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a very traumatic experience. Our aim at Western Smash Repairs is help make the repair process as easy as possible and return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition in the shortest time possible.

Been Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident. What Now?

If your vehicle is damaged during business hours, simply call us on (02) 9624 5900.

For assistance or enquiries you can also email:

Your call will be answered by one of our experienced team who will happily assist with all your enquiries. Usually this will be your first time that you have been required to make a insurance claim or been involved in an accident, but rest assured our knowledgeable team is at hand to assist you through the whole process and answer any questions.

If your vehicle is not driveable we will record all your details and arrange to dispatch a tow truck to have your vehicle collected. If a tow truck is already on scene, direct the towing operator of your choice to tow your vehicle to our accident repair facility located at118 Station Road Seven Hills NSW 2147.(Subject to your vehicle having full comprehensive insurance, these costs will be covered by your vehicles insurer).

If your vehicle is involved in an accident outside of our business operating hours and is not driveable direct the onsite towing operator to tow your vehicle to their secure holding premises overnight and then to our repair facility the next business day morning.

If your vehicle is driveable simply contact us during our business hours and we will make all arrangements for you to bring your vehicle in to our facility. If however you get your vehicle home or to your workplace and do not feel comfortable to continue driving your vehicle we will arrange to have the vehicle collected by one of our staff or a tow truck.

Insurance Claim Lodgement

You will also need to contact your motor vehicle insurer and lodge your accident claim. Most insurance companies today complete accident claim lodgement over the telephone.

This will take approximately 10-15 minutes, so get yourself comfortable and ensure you have all your details and the other parties involved details ready.

Your insurance company will ask you if you have your own preferred repairer. To take advantage of our benefits simply advise their representative Western Smash Repairs 118 Station Road Seven Hills and we will take care of the rest of the process for you.

If you need any further information on claim lodgement and dealing with your insurance company, do not hesitate to contact our office for advice or assistance.

Unfortunately accidents do happen. Please feel free to download and print our accident information leaflet to keep in your vehicle if any type of damage should occur to your vehicle. Your will find a dedicated area enabling you to record all the other parties details for which your insurer will require.